Q : What makes a photo booth so special at a party?

A : Well its FUN!!! Most people are camera shy in front of other friends and family. The easiest way to get them to loosen up is to give them a big hat, oversized pink sun glasses and put them in a photo booth with nothing but the camera and you will be surprised at what funny faces they come up with! Simply put : It will be the BLAST of your party!

Q : What needs to be supplied from the customer side?

A : Simply for a close by power outlet, a table and 2 chairs and MOST importantly the PARTY!

Q : How many photos can we take?

A : Unlimited!

Q : Do the prints come out in colour or black and white?

A : It comes out in full colour!

Q : What are the quality of the photos that are taken?

A : Unlike some companies out there, we use a top of the range camera with dye sub printers. Together they make magic!

Q : Can you set up the photo booth outside?

A : We prefer to always set up under roof, but if the need arises, feel free to contact us and we can work something out!

Q : What is included with the “props”?

A : We try to make it as much fun as possible with a variety of funny hats, sun glasses, scarfs ect so your guests can truly enjoy and express themself!

Q : How long does it take to set up a booth?

A : Our operators require a 30 minute set up time.

Q : Is it possible to customise the photo strips or booth screen itself?

A : Of course! We have screen templates to choose from and we will change the wording to your needs. Please note that these are standard templates created upfront. If you require more advanced design work additional charges may be applicable depending on the work done.

Q : Would you like to join the family??

A : Click on “Become a Franchise Member” at the bottom of the page to find out details