Thank you for your interest in Green-Screen franchising. We are looking for exceptionally qualified individuals to join the Green-Screen brand. We understand why you want to start a business; to better your family’s financial situation, to pay for your child’s education, to achieve your entrepreneurial goals…whatever your reasons are; we respect it and guarantee that you will get the best price and best portable photo booth for sale in the country. We understand this is a big investment and we’ve worked in bringing you great value for your money.
We are sure you have done your research and are ready to get started. You’ve come to the right place. Once you make the serious decision to become an entrepreneur, you will guarantee your success, and we will guarantee that you have the best photo booth at the best price… period.
Success does not come on its own.
Franchising is one of the most important and most successful business systems in the growth market. It is a market with entirely positive prospects, since modern lifestyles and increasing mobility continuously give new stimuli and clientele.
A good image, and the expertise and support of the franchiser, combined with the willingness and corporate ambition of the franchisee, come together to form a successful team.

Advantages of being part of our Family

• As a franchisee, you run under a bigger brand that is soon to be national
• We have a dominant website that is continuously being updated
• We have an aggressive Marketing strategy
• The more people we have on-board, the greater the ability to take on national deals


What are the minimum requirements?

Below are the minimum requirements needed to enter the partner selection process:
• Applicants must have a high business acumen (a professional tertiary education will be beneficial). We are looking for franchise partners who can demonstrate their successful entrepreneurial skills, who share our passion for photo booths and green screens, and who wish to grow with a strong partner.
• Applicants must show a history of leadership and demonstrate capability to manage a franchise.
• A proposed hands-on role in the new franchise business is essential (applications for roles as passive investors will be rejected). All proposed new franchisees must be prepared to dedicate 100% of their working time to the day-to-day operation of the business (other business interests will have to be explained and will be discouraged.
Your Path With Green-Screen – This is how you become part of the family. Green-Screen thoroughly reviews every incoming franchise application. If you receive a positive answer, we will actively support you with help and advice on your own company. In principle, both individual persons and companies can become franchise partners.

What Are The Costs?

• The applicant must fund the build of a Green Screen Booth and Banner Wall.
• Please note: The estimated cost of a photo booth is R50, 000 for the standard package (booth, standard printer, prop box, laptop) + Monthly Rental of R800 (which includes website advertising) and R70, 000 for the premium package (booth, premium printer, prop box, laptop) + Monthly Rental of R800 (which includes website advertising). Should you decide to close your franchise, Green Screen will retain the system as the technology that is used belongs to Green Screen. You would get 40% back when all equipment is returned in working order and good condition. *Subject to our inspection*
• A Monthly Fee would be payable for Web Services
• All the printing of the mugs, T Shirts and additional promotional items are to be done in house at head office.
• The applicant cannot have any interest in a competing photo booth business and must be able to demonstrate that they are prepared to dedicate 100% of their working time to the day-to-day operation of the business.
• Please note: Other business interests are required to be detailed for further investigation and are discouraged.